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Detail Jual PABX ALCATEL OmniPCX Office

Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Office

An integrated but modular system, the Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Office makes advanced telephony, Internet, e-mail and LAN ( local area network) available to SME' s in one single, smart, friendly and easy to use manageable voice communication system.

Features of the Alcatel-Lucent phone system, Omni PCX Office, include:

Full range of user interfaces ( analogue, digital, IP, mobile phones and PC soft phone) .
Embedded voice mail E-mail notification that alerts you to messages left in your voice mailbox. Personal assistant functions, which handle calls when you are not available to take them are part of the standard Alcatel-Lucent OMNIPCX Office offer.
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office is an advanced call server that improves the greeting you provide to business customers.
Screen pop-ups that display a contact card that shows who is calling, so you can provide better customer service.
Automated Attendant a recorded message that answers your phones and instructs callers how to reach the person or department they are looking for. Beneficial if your company receives a high volume of inbound calls.
Fully Integrated DECT System, so you can be reached, wherever you are.
High-level telephone services at remote locations for companies with multiple sites that are connected by an IP link. Native IP Telephony

Native IP Telephony

This efficient Alcatel-Lucent phone system allows voice to be transported over IP WAN ( Internet protocol wide area network) , thereby reducing the cost of long distance calls. Alcatel-Lucent IP-Reflexes phone sets can also be combined with digital phones allowing them to benefit from the same level of service.

Professional Internet Solution

Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Office provides integrated components such as firewall, An embedded e-mail server, this can avoid an external dedicated server on the LAN, while Native Integration of voice mail and email delivers a unified messaging solution.

Outgrown the OMNIPCX Office?

The Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX office is easily upgraded to the Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise solution. By upgrading the Omni PCX office processor to the Enterprise platform you can achieve a Multi Node VOIP solution and develop your corporate network for voice and data convergence.

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